quarta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2019

Noise, panels and Ferraris

# 1 You open, say, a restaurant. You want to make a living. 
# 2 You don’t care about noise, to your architects and interior designers this is not even an issue.
# 3 What you all care is simply to make a living. 
# 4 Most of your patrons don’t care about noise either, and behave like jerks. You give a helping hand by playing loud music through the PA. Food poisoning by sound starts to happen.
# 5 Some of your clients and even your staff complain. 
# 6 Noise abatement rules are not being followed.
# 7 Apps show that your restaurant is not totally hip anymore.
# 7 You start to lose business.
# 8 You still don’t care, most of your patrons don’t care, but noise suddenly became a problem. 
# 9 Not simply a problem but a serious obstacle to your success. Yet, no one seems willing to change their behavior, to care about the issue in hand and take some serious measures.
# 10 You just wanted to make a living, stuffing your clients with food and loud music. The designers wanted to make a living.
# 11 Someone who did care about noise discovers a miracle “panel" that supposedly solves your problem.
# 12 Noise is still an issue – the sound sources are still the same and nobody really cares. But now there's less reverb. The panels disguised the acoustic stench.
# 13 The situation didn’t change: most of the patrons are still behaving like jerks, the restaurant is a living muzak hell, but now there’s less reverb and someone’s making a pile of money with that trick.
# 14 You'll loose more and more business, but the genius who invented the panel is buying a Ferrari.
This is probably also a valid metaphor for today's environmental policies.

(photo by https://svnrestaurants.com/why-restaurants-became-so-loud-and-how-to-fight-back/)