domingo, 13 de novembro de 2005

Tears for sounds

I returned to my aurologist one week after I started taking the medication he had prescribed for the otitis. He was very patient, by the way, and I immediately felt "cured" just by listening to his initial words and quiet advice. We talked about music, after he learned I was a musician, and I told him a story that had shocked me about an American guitarist I admire very much, who went through a complicated surgical procedure and had lost his hearing.
The patient that left the doctor's office before my turn was a 99 year woman. She stood completely still and silent at the reception desk for some time, next to another woman who appeared to be her daughter. Suddenly the older woman turned to her supposed daughter in tears and said: "I don't want to go deaf!" The younger woman yelled very close to her ear that she didn't need to worry. She was going to be fine.
I wanted to tell her that exactly one week before I too had cried pronouncing the very same words...

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