terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2006


There's one particular aspect of the creative output of the artists that leads to what I have seen described as perceiving reality through their eyes. Under this principle, when we admire a picture by a certain painter or read a novel by a certain writer we are perceiving reality through this particular painter or writer's sensitivity. Sometimes this might not necessarily be a privilege... 
But what is the reality depicted by a creative musician or a composer? If we can depict the complexity of reality through art (probably one of Art's eternal goals) what is then the "listenable" dimension of reality (this is a book yet to be written...) and how can we portray it? The problem is that what we can perceive of this portray or the "listenable" dimension of reality reaches us through... listening.
We cannot see it.

And in this day and age of easy and carefree listening, of course, we are probably missing not only an important part of our surroundings but also a great deal of what sound artists and composers senses attempt to convey.

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