quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

And the rest is noise...

Instead of lulling you to sleep the new gadget in the picture produces a variable “soundscape”. And for those who live in a noisy neighborhood and are prone to sleep disturbances  the novelty of this machine lies in the fact that if its sensor detects extra noise in your bedroom, its generators start producing extra noise. A cloak of noise to mask ... noise! Smart move.
I thought that all you need to get a repairing sleep is quiet, but I may be wrong.
I even thought that these sudden bursts of noise, which seem to be the main feature of this contraption, could cause a lot of damage if experienced frequently. I’ve heard, for example, that when your sleep is interrupted by these noise bursts your body cannot generate insulin which in turn can lead into diabetes.

Don’t just take my word. Go get one of these Ecotones and find out for yourself... If you don’t get diabetes after a few years it is possible that I was wrong.

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