domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009


I always find it fascinating and moving to watch music students carrying their instrument cases, going to or coming from their music  school, to take their classes or returning home from them. It is the same all over the world. I’ve seen it in Boston, Utrecht, Budapest and a few other great music centers. They flock into their schools with the sole goal of learning and mastering their instruments to make music. 
It looks like a godless religious experience where they tenaciously pursue these rites with the discipline and devotion of an acolyte. But they are not driven by the fear of committing any sinful act, to avoid possible punishment or as a consequence of a fabricated code of conduct. They worship  music. 
Music is to me a far more enrapturing experience, more capable of enticing the righteous attitude, of bringing out a sense of togetherness and communal feeling than any religion. 
Astute religious leaders have taken advantage of this power of music, long before their faithful followers did, only to surreptitiously add a spurious, useless and parasitic role to the music: to serve their religious experience. But music is the (a) religious experience! 
As all the music students, carrying their instruments in and out of their music schools, have always known...

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