sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010


I just watched the movie Avatar. It is indeed an astonishing experience. The movie will most probably start a new trend in the industry. Great, revolutionary production, hot subject... totally disappointing sound and music!
It is incomprehensible that such a high profile work, so rich and adventurous in the visual techniques employed, tackling such an all-embracing and delicate subject, that constitutes such a challenging visual experience, should sound like his. Its use of music ranges from the totally banal to the scarily corny and some of its sound effects will probably trigger a 10-point Richter scale earthquake or speed up continental drift, if the theaters where this film is shown happen to stand on the right fault line. Often during the projection, I had to cover my ears.

Should we enforce higher musical standards for such tall characters? Yes, I don’t really see a 3 m tall Na’vi producing music of such a poor quality... 

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