terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010


I have been writing about ambisonics for a local professional magazine. Writing on this subject brought back thoughts on the problem of spatialization of electronically produced acoustic signals. It also made me realize how this has been a recurring theme in electronic music and how badly the problem has always been dealt with. It made me think again on how this eminently elegant solution —ambisonics—, conceived by Michael Gerzon (seen here in this ca. 1971 photo setting up his first tetrahedral Calrec microphone system) solved the problem, for electronic music but also for any field in which electronically produced or broadcasted sound is involved. And all he got in return was general undeserved indifference, I’m afraid.

Only financial determined factors have prevented me from having fully embraced this wonderful technology a long time ago, but this will hopefully change.

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