terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

I am going digital!

Yesterday I was on a train to the Vienna airport. The twins in the photo sat next to me. The train stopped at a station and the train going in the opposite direction stopped next to us. The twins started waving to the passengers on the other train, yelling Allo!, Allo!.
The game went on more or less like this: one would yell Allo! and the other followed after a brief delay. The process went on at an increasingly faster tempo until their father told them to stop. 
The amazing thing about this is that I could not see the twins (I took the picture without actually looking at them). I just listened to their voices. It was as if you had a single voice and some sort of high quality digital delay or granulation process had been applied to it. Both voices sounded absolutely similar but their combination produced strange, wonderful, evolved and ever changing patterns. Almost as if produced by an artificial ... digital process. 
I was returning home after a three-day conference  where the latest digital signal processing techniques making use of Kyma were revealed and analyzed. I wonder if I could have had the ability to listen to the digital twins the same way, or have noticed them at all, had I not been immersed in this technology for so long. 

Am I listening digitally to an otherwise analogue world? Am I going digital at long last...?

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