sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2010

Double Concerto for wiper and violin

I was driving my car on my way home and it was raining mildly. I was listening to Berg’s Violin Concerto on the radio and the wipers were moving at the slowest speed, producing a barely noticeable squeaking sound. The concerto was coming into its concluding moments. In the final bars the solo violin plays a very long high G.
As the note goes on I notice that its frequency was a sort of average of the frequency produced by my car’s squeaking wiper sound, a frequency bisector of sorts. The cyclical sound of the wiper was  brought into the score adding an unforeseen harmonic and rhythmic tension to the music.
The result was sometimes hilarious, other times profoundly and strangely serious. My reaction, as I went on driving my car, was quite vivid, I assure you.

I wonder if Berg would have had the humor to incorporate this into his score. I wonder if Cage, specially him, would have appreciated this chance version...

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