domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

Edition of Contemporary Music

Manfred Eicher came to Estoril to accompany a presentation of the film “Sounds and Silence” by Peter Guyer & Norbert Wiedmer at the International Estoril Film Festival. The film — an extremely interesting play with time — is a sensitive and meticulously produced portrait of Eicher and his ECM project. 

Both deserve more than the sloppy, ill-prepared conversation with Eicher that closed the session. 

ECM and Manfred Eicher remain strong and ever inspiring symbols after many years in this changing and peculiar business. Understanding it is a challenge to both those who wonder how is it possible to successfully marry entrepreneurship with the arts, and those who believe in the value of musical content vis-a-vis pre-defined and often empty or misleading music categories.

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