segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2012

Really cool festival

The polar wind brought the Pat Metheny Unity Band to town. “Are you guys freezing out there?” asked Pat. “We are. This is really bad for our fingers but we’ll try to do our best.” And their best they did. 

Only this music could keep me from freezing to death...

A mixture of PMG, PM without G, an astounding Chris Potter, a quartet of trios, duets, Pikasso guitar solos and some spare parts of the Orchestrion thrown in for flavor. Every possible combination in a compact format, a never seen before flexibility in any PM formation. An incredible offer by these virtuoso musicians to the cooled audience of the Cool Jazz Festival. 

Next year I hope they set up an igloo and toss us in there. It’ll be a lot cozier I’m sure... 

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