sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Who are the real criminals?

These days the expression arts funding is equivalent to severe cuts. Deep in their hearts many people believe that the arts are not really necessary, their role and impact on society is negligible and they are the least of our worries. Arts and artists are tolerable at most if they entertain you, while you are trying to get way from having to worry with more serious matters.

Things like crime, criminals and prisons for example, these are serious matters that deserve the society’s undivided attention.

Maybe, just maybe, if more programs like the Carnegie Hall outreach program were taken more seriously and carried out at a more opportune time, society would have less to worry and human kind could preserve better its future. Maybe if more serious arts programs for children were properly funded you would not have to spend as much money fighting crime and criminals...

Watch this CBS report titled "Sing Sing inmates perform, change their lives with music" and be a witness.

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